[at-l] F@&King Lyme Disease

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Sun Aug 14 20:33:55 CDT 2016

It's weird to me, that I didn't even lay eyes on a deer tick, *ever* in my life, until maybe 2008 -- and now, I think I see as many or more deer ticks than the old, 10x-bigger, dog tick. That just strikes me as weird. 

And weird too, the dog tick/deer tick second cousin, of CHIGGERS! that are 10x smaller than the deer tick, and yes, 100x smaller than the dog tick. NASTY little buggers -- I mistakenly walked into a bunch of those buggers in 2007 -- even SAW them, and thought they were, "like", some sort of "baby ticks" or something. Didn't bother to look them up until my legs exploded in bites. Yow.

Well -- Good Luck to you (all) bite-ees. I think I was blessed for all those years/miles until 2007. Since then, I seem to be seeing a lot of stuff.....


Spatior, ergo sum.

On Sat, 8/13/16, Black Wolfe <blackwolfe at charter.net> wrote:

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 At least you got it diagnosed. 
 Here in TN they claim it does not 
 exist.  CCWayah is getting to be quite the expert on
 the subject.
 Black Wolfe
 Bruce W.
 On 08/12/2016 01:15 PM, Richard Mann wrote:
 > I have hiked 3000 freaking miles along our beloved
 trail, and of all of the ironies, I contract Lyme Disease
 here in my backyard in Florida!!!  And, I'll probably
 get f@&king Zika Virus too!!!!!!  Who knew that
 living in Florida was so go@@amned
 > How was your day?
 > Achy Pittsburgh
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