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Felix J athiker at smithville.net
Thu Aug 18 07:16:35 CDT 2016

18 years ago today... we hiked in to Caratunk. We were going 
to stop at Pleasant Pond Lean-to...but, the place was 
crawling with people and too close to a road. so, we pushed 
on. Somewhere in there Pokey had a stare-down with a cow 
moose. she had been hiking in front of me and I rounded a 
curve and saw her standing there. I asked what was wrong and 
she said "There's a big horse-lookin' thing in the trail and 
it won't move!". A few minutes later I had a conversation 
with a northbounder named Chillcoot. After we'd said our 
goodbyes and gone our ways he yelled back at me "Clinton 
confessed!!" "To what" "Having sex with Monica!!". That's 
how news travels in the woods. A few minutes later I met 
another northbounder named Sloth. An hour or so later, after 
I got a cabin from Steve the Ferryman in walks Sloth. It 
took me a minute or two to figure out who he was and why he 
looked so familiar. He had hiked to Pleasant Pond Lean-to 
and didn't want to spend the night with the crowd there. So, 
he got a ride from a 'hiker' named Sunny Daze. They spent 
the night with us in one of Steve's cabins. Steve brought us 
goulash for dinner.
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