[at-l] Ref Water Treatment

Black Wolfe blackwolfe at charter.net
Fri Jan 8 13:20:44 CST 2016

1: Filtration is a PITA, but generally very effective if done properly.
2: Iodine tastes foul, and should not be used long term.  You must be 
sure to allow the proper time before adding any flavoring because 
vitamin C nullifies the action.
3: Chlorine not quite as foul.  It can be very cheap using common Clorox 
(tm) bleach.  6.25% at 2 drops per quart/liter generally works well.  
Working time must be adhered to.
4: There are UV lights on the market.  I have not tried any of them yet.
5: There are a few other chemical systems on the market.  Cost can 
become an issue.
6: There a few people who refuse to treat the water, applying common 
sense in where they get their water and hoping for the best.
NB: There are studies indicating that you are at greater risk of 
Gastrointestinal issues from sharing GORP than contaminated water. Not 
that I use that as an excuse for not treating my water.
Bruce W.
Black Wolfe

On 01/08/2016 01:46 PM, Dennis D Piantigini wrote:
> What is the best method for treating water on an AT thru hike?
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