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South Walker southwalker at windstream.net
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After my expensive Pur filter died on the 7th day in the 100 Mile Wilderness
I used Iodine tablets I carried as backup.

When I got to Monson I bought a bottle of Polar Pure and carried it to
Springer Mtn. There were very few times that I took water without treating

Polar Pure works in 10 minutes. Vitamin C if used after the 10 minute wait
will neutralize chemically the iodine odor, color and taste.

After you use some of the iodine saturated liquid you merely add some more
water. Do NOT use previously treated water if you put Vitamin C in it.

I did not treat the water I cooked with since I was going to let it boil.

For years it was often reported on this list and others that surveys of
thru-hikers who suffered intestinal distress revealed that roughly 50% had
treated water and 50% had not, which was interpreted to mean that personal
hygiene was a factor.

There was a number of nobos who suffered what was thought to be giardia in
southern VA in 1999.  Because many had stayed by a remote store and got
water from a well it was assumed that the well was contaminated. The story
traveled up and down the trail. Hiking list servers helped spread the word
and the owner of the store was widely criticized. The local health
department was contacted, took samples, ran tests and found no problem.

Having watched many hikers sharing food from a common zip-lok, I can easily
believe that personal hygiene is a big part of these sporadic episodes. 

South Walker
MEGA 1999

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What is the best method for treating water on an AT thru hike?
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