[at-l] Ref Water Treatment

Pat krozby at zoominternet.net
Mon Jan 11 20:47:16 CST 2016

Does anyone use aquamira I started using it years ago on the PCT, 
haven't used anything else since. All it is is chlorine dioxide, a 
little different than what you get from clorox bleach.


On 1/9/2016 10:20 PM, Black Wolfe wrote:
> Iodine is considered a hazardous material,   The EPA/DEA was requiring 
> secure guarded storage far beyond what a small company could provide.  
> The little Mom & Pop company eventually gave up the fight.
> However, a more recent web search shows that there is still Polar Pure 
> available!  however it is imported, so I conclude the production has 
> moved off ashore to escape the overbearing EPA. There are a number of 
> other issues talked about in the following links.

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