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Wed May 4 19:34:11 CDT 2016

I always liked him -- from the first time I'd met him in ???? was it '99??
I think it was -- by the campfire of the original Trail Days location. He'd been holding court there for quite some time, and ended up continuing on with me -- for hours! We spoke until dawn (or past)... and hence on every Gathering, Ruck, or Trail Days that I could hit. He always remembered my kids, too -- which as their Dad, was always gave me a kick. There always seemed to be a solid vein of genuine humanity under Jack's more-common mode of gruff, imitation curmudgeon-for-hire....... Ha! A heart of gold.

I wish many happy miles, and peaceful rest, to all, but to Baltimore Jack Tarlin -- Hiker, writer, gadabout, raconteur, helluva nice guy, and a friend.


Spatior, ergo sum.

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 Baltimore Jack Tarlin passed away
 around 6AM at Mission Hospital in 
 Franklin, NC.  I chatted with him a few weeks ago and
 he was having 
 problems consistent with heart failure then.
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