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Sun May 8 10:19:29 CDT 2016

So, it isn't me after all.

Thanks Ryan for everything you do for the hiking community.

Hey, I've been approved for a total knee replacement! That means I'll be
able to walk more than a block without pain.
The surgery has not been scheduled so I don't have a date yet, but I think
I will be able to be back in the woods by the fall.
My favorite time to hike. 👣 😁

Ron G  (Raggs), (Solemates98)

On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 10:22 AM, Black Wolfe <blackwolfe at charter.net> wrote:

> +1
> Thanks
> Black Wolfe
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> On 05/08/2016 08:21 AM, Felix J wrote:
> Hey....does anyone remember back in the day...the day before 600 million
> websites and blogs and Facebook pages and Twitter accounts...how important
> and informational and influential this list was? And, how important Ryan
> Brooks quietly was? 'We' really touched and affected a lot of people back
> then. Many of my friends to this day are a result of this list and that
> time.
> I miss those days. And, I'd like to thank Ryan for giving them to us in
> the first place...
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