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Mara Factor mfactor at gmail.com
Sun May 8 10:40:03 CDT 2016

Yes.  I know traffic is down but it's not that.  I sometimes get replies
that include original messages that I never saw or reference messages that
I never received.

This is nothing new.  It's been going on for years and I know Ryan has
tried to fix it to no avail.  It seems to be out of his control somehow.  I
just have to wonder how much more list traffic there would be if everyone
got all the messages. I doubt it would ever go back to the levels we had in
the early 2000's though.

I do prefer the listserv as a way to communicate but end up on whiteblaze
every now and then for an AT fix.  The community there is nothing like the
one we had here on at-l though.

Oh well.  I do appreciate everything Ryan has done.  I'm just sad at-l is
so limited now.


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On Sun, May 8, 2016 at 10:06 AM, Felix J <athiker at smithville.net> wrote:

> On 5/8/2016 9:57 AM, Mara Factor wrote:
>> I wish the list was working properly though.  If it was, there would
>> probably be a lot more traffic.  I got a flurry of messages at the
>> beginning of the year and thought it was working again but now I'm back to
>> almost no messages even though I know there's more traffic than what I see.
>> I know there are others in a similar situation so I can only imagine how
>> many others I don't know about who don't receive messages and are also
>> discouraged from posting.
>> [FWIW, the messages aren't getting to me at all.  They don't show up in
>> spam, either.  Sigh.]
> Hmmm.....there haven't been any messages, that I know of, in months. And,
> if there are, they are usually from me. So....I'm not sure you're missing
> them. Do you check the archives? Maybe I'm missing them!!!
> Either way, Ryan is generally pretty good...slow, but pretty good...about
> getting you a refund.
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