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I've been watching this thread with interest.  I too go back a good ways and 
miss Wingfoot and some of the old gang.  I never have been much of a 
participant, but enjoy reading and jumping in from time to time.  I keep 
busy with my section of the AT (Bootens Gap to Hazeltop) and a local 
rails-to-trails project (Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail, thanks Felix for 
your support!) that has become quite the political brouhaha.  But we have 
fun with it!

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> Maybe we could get Wingfoot to join again....
> ....just imagine. And, Pittsburgh...  and...

Imagine that after all these years - me an Dan in the same post again!  Now 
all you have to do is add Baltimore Jack in there and you'd have a 

Met Jack in Port Clinton in 1997 - he blasted me for 1) driving hikers to a 
pay phone - he said they were 'hikers' and should have walked to the phone, 
and 2) for talking about trail maintainers on the at-l (forgot now what I 
had said) without ever having actually done any maintenance.  I took number 
2 to heart and did trail maintenance with Bob Peoples in the Laurel Gorge 
for a few years in a row.  Now I can talk about trail maintenance.  Got 
nothing to say...

I remember Jack blasting us all on at-l for slamming Dan, specifically for 
some of us saying that Dan actually did not do all of the thru-hikes that he 
claimed.  Jack said Dan was a man of integrity...

Anyway, Jack became a good friend to us at at-l.  I will miss him...

Felix, I'll be in Vietnam over the summer.  Send me your new address...

Good to see so many of the old (and I use that term literally) folks still 
on the at-l.  Great that we are still here even though other technology has 
passed on by.  I haven't hiked on the trail since November 2007 when I went 
from AFSP to Three Forks.  Short, cold hike...

My wife and I drove to Pittsburgh this past fall from our home in Florida, 
and we did stop at the trail at Kimberley Creek so that I could touch a 
white blaze.  There was a sign , 'Do not leave deer carcasses'.  That is my 
new philosophy of life...

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