[at-l] at-l Digest, Vol 31, Issue 4

Felix J athiker at smithville.net
Mon May 9 13:01:53 CDT 2016

On 5/9/2016 1:39 PM, Richard Mann wrote:
> Anyway, Jack became a good friend to us at at-l.  I will miss him...

I have gotten more diplomatic in my old age. Because of that 
I will have to simply not respond to this.

> Felix, I'll be in Vietnam over the summer.  Send me your new address...

It is Kay K. Harvey and his wife who are moving. Not me. 
Though, I am hoping to visit them while they are there.
There's a pineapple dance to be had.

>    There was a sign , 'Do not leave deer carcasses'.  That is my new philosophy of life...

Better advice has rarely been given.

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