[at-l] lovely stuff = SPAM!

Indy toe sloetoe at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 29 15:09:03 CST 2017

What's the issue?!?
SPAM truly IS lovely stuff, isn't it??
Did somebody change the rules for backcountry culinary arts, and not tell me??
Dannnnnng-it! I am *always* the last to learn these things.

(But then! What form/substance *replaces* the vaunted SPAM?!?
OOoo-oooo, that could populate hiker discussions for the next decade.
>From their sell-fones.
Eating [gluten-free] beans.
Roping in the weasels, Dweziels, and ferrets......

Solvitur Ambulando.

On Wed, 11/29/17, Ryan Brooks <ryan at hack.net> wrote:

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 Those usually get caught- unless
 someone’s computer is compromised.    /Clears
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