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Hello friend, 

I've had a nice  day today and  wanted to  share this to you,  check it out http://www.apechurch.com/second.php?UE9hdC1sQG1haWxtYW4uYmFja2NvdW50cnkubmV0

Speak to you later, Debbie Pineda

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Gesture controls are doomed to suck  because the bandwidth  of your bare  hands is terrible. Big sweeping analog motions are great,  but anything high-frequency just isn't happening. (You'd figure fingers would be better at  digital  input!) Just conveying when you're interacting vs. when  you're  not is a very hard  problem.  You can't  have  a virtual  piano in midair because the precision of our  fine motor skills gets  wasted on  hovering your fingers above the intangible keys. 

Compare modern Xbox controllers. An adept user can  control six independent analog axes *simultaneously,* while also having  a  button under each forefinger. They  can tap the four face buttons dozens of times per  second, individually  or  in sequences, with  precise timing. We use these complex  hand  tools as toys.

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