[cdt-l] springs

jason seehafer jasonsee123 at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 5 15:11:53 CDT 2006

hi all,

a quick up date on a few springs in MT and ID

buffalo spring was awesome (a good cold break from the hot weather).  the 
flexible pipe from the spring to the trough was broken at a joint about 50 
yards up the hill.  which explains why no water has been coming out of the 
pipe at the trough.  i failed to pack my plumbing fittings and monkey wrench 
so i was unable to fix it, but there was a nice shade tree right where the 
pipe came apart and ice cold water was pouring out!

latham spring - thanks to Alden (northbounder) for identifying its location 
on the trail.  lots of sticks and arrows and orange blazes showing the 
obscure jeep road to the spring.

i found a piped spring at keg spring road (the wolf guide book states "try 
to find the pipe spring" and the Ley maps states there is a cistern at this 
location.  the timing was great.  it was a long dry spell from odell creek 
to blair lake.  the spring was about 120 yards to the right of the trail 
(southbound) at the location of the cistern (which apparently does not exist 
anymore).  look for four wooden posts forming a small square (old cattle 
quard?) and head diagonally to the left downhill about another 30 yards.  
you will hear the water and see the growth of shrubs, flowers, etc.  the 
pipe was buried in the shrubs.  very good flow and very cold.  it hit the 

saw a strange animal just before entering yellowstone.  still not sure what 
it was?? are there such creatures as minature buffalo?  i also need to talk 
to someone about putting up a sign where i stealth camped south of Mack's 
Inn.  "Moose Crossing".

Anyhoo, life is good.  And onto the Winds!

in dubois, wy right now and heading out tomorrow.  great trail town.

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