[cdt-l] Weighing in on Big Sandy Lodge

Kent & Kendra Anderson kkurk at usa.net
Wed Aug 9 12:51:12 CDT 2006

Hi all -

My husband and I hiked/biked the CDT in 2001 (I know, eons ago now) and stayed
at Big Sandy Lodge twice on the trip.  Our experience was extremely positive
(we were able to leave our bikes for 2 weeks stored under cover for FREE,
received credit toward our stay from our hiker boxes, were able to sort
through the hiker box, ate multiple filling meals).  We were only able to give
approximate dates for our stay (since we biked in initially and then hiked the
Winds to get back) but they were able to accomodate us with no problems.

I am a bit sad to see all of the negativity surrouding Big Sandy Lodge and am
wondering if some it wouldn't be happenning if there was better communication
up front from hikers that are passing through.  For instance, we called BSL 4
- 6 months in advance to ask about their policy, etc. and then sent a check to
cover our hiker boxes and some kind of deposit on the cabin.  As time got
closer we called at least once to update them on our arrival date.

Hope all of this helps some folks (if not this year then next).


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