[cdt-l] Thru-hike?

William Tarantino wjtara at wm.edu
Thu Aug 17 13:54:26 CDT 2006


I agree with Jonathan, try starting with trail journals.  When I was first starting out they were invaluble.  Jonathan's, as it happens, is one of the best (www.phlumf.com).  Read a few so that you get a number of perspectives.

Also, if this is your first long distance trail, depending on your level of experience, you should definitely spend the next couple of years building a lot of experience and comfort with the wilderness.  Especially if you are going by yourself.  Have you looked into the PCT at all?  It is more manageable and almost as incedible.  It also has a larger population, on my CDT hike I never saw a single person on eleven days (three in a row on one ocassion).  If you aren't used to being alone in the wilderness such days can be scary.


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