[cdt-l] In Colorado!

Paul Magnanti pmags at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 31 17:35:24 CDT 2006

The miles continue to fly by! Now in Colorado! Where I
can see Subarus carrying mtn bikes, buy $2 cups of
coffee and smell the patouli oil wafting from Boulder
fom here! :D

In all seriousness, glad to be back "home". The Divide
Basin had a certain desolate beauty...but good to be
back in the mountains. 

And in less than a week? Paying a visit to Boulder by
using the CDTS route to get a to a trailhead only 40
minutes away.

Life is great!

PS. FOOTSLOGGER: Thanks for the note at Battle Pass!
Put a smile on my face to see MAGS on the kiosk with a
note from you and B.A. Turtle! 

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust 
caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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