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I saw 4 four-wheelers in the Wiminuche tearing up pipes that had just been 
put in to keep the trail dry.    They were lost, without a map, without any 
means to camp, and it was about an hour from dark.    I showed them where 
they were on my map and went on my way, amazed at how they could be out 
there without a map and tearing things up.   I reported them to the next FS 
station i saw only to be told that they had just as much right to be up 
there as i did.
So, i think making a continuous trail and trying to say it can only be used 
for hiking is a dream that will not happen.    It's best left the way it is 
and enjoy the freedom of no trail.
There are a lot more bicyclists, four wheelers and motorcycle users than 
there are hikers.    Don't push too hard to make this trail more famous.   
Enjoy it for what it is.

I don't know a whole lot about Bruce Ward but have heard rumors that he is 
more of a bicycler than hiker.    I doubt he's on the same side as you.    
Maybe he could tell us himself?   Bruce, do you spend more time on the CDT 
hiking or biking?      fh

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>Hear, Hear!  (to John's suggestion that the continuous thread be for those 
>on foot only and be clearly understood/marked if it is not!)
>If I ever see another motocyclist tearing up what is clearly marked as 
>footpath-only trail only while I am there on the spot, I will curse out 
>loud, throw rocks, hit them with my poles, spit, scratch, anything I can 
>think of.  This angers me to no end.
>Tell me, Bruce Ward, what has the Association ever done to curtail illegal 
>usage of the trail?  Slap the USFS on the back of their hands?
>Karl Luce
>(once again a member of the CDTA, don't ask me why...)
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> > I really like the subversive idea of a matrix of routes. I think of the 
> > route as a bundle of loose threads (that sometimes converge) on a map of 
> > trail corridor. In contrast, PCT and AT are a strong rope connecting 
> > & Canada.
> >
> > Let the mapping of the CDT reflect a confounding, ever-changing possible
> > routes base on an individual's situation on a given hike. I've found 
>that my
> > route to-date has been changed by conditions beyond my control: mostly 
> > and lightning.
> >
> > This bundle of threads reflects the reality of actually hiking the CDT. 
> > strong rope reflects the need for clarity and certainty that 
> > and governments need.
> >
> > Let ONE continuous thread be for those on foot only: no bicycles, no 
> > bikes, no ATVs. And let it be clear where each mode of travel is allowed 
> > that I can choose, if necessary, to venture on to the trail of 
> > mountain bikers.
> >
> > -John/Cupcake
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> > Backpacker Magazine is joining with CDTA to produce a definitive map of 
> > CDT.
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