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Hello Bruce, I appreciate your reply and comments.  I stand corrected.   I 
have heard those rumors that i talked about and am happy to see that you are 
a backpacker first.
It is true however about the 4 wheelers and motorcycles allowed up there in 
many many Nat. Forests.    I hope you have luck getting them in designated 
I saw that you typed: "Just curious Glen what have you done to"   and then 
it faded out so i can only guess at your question.    I have made a video 
about the triple crown in which 2/3 of my video is about the CDT and it's 
beauty.   I have shown this video at 2 ALDHA gatherings promoting the trails 
and the fact that the CDT is my favorite.
I hiked the CDT twice (and the CO trail) and hope to again some day.   I 
hope it stays wild and quiet and free.    I see your intentions are good and 
i wish you luck getting those things done.

I am presently living in Thailand and trying to help get a trail built the 
length of Phuket, the island where i live.
Thanks for answering my questions.    Glenn "fiddlehead" Fleagle

>From: "Bruce Ward" <bruce at cdtrail.org>
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>Subject: [cdt-l] CDTA Position Statement
>Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2006 17:57:13 -0700
>The CDTA firmly believes the intent of Congress was a non-motorized
>primitive and challenging route. We have worked very hard through our
>relationships within the agencies to convey that message and to secure
>funds to build alternative routes that are non motorized.
>This is our board approved position statement:
>The Continental Divide Trail Alliance believes that motorized use of the
>Continental Divide National Scenic Trail should be prohibited in all but
>the most limited circumstances. More specifically,  it is the position
>of the Alliance that:
>1) Motorized use along the CDT should be limited to the original 424
>miles identified for such use in the Secretary of Interior's 1976 CDT
>Report, and as indicated in that report, should be periodically reviewed
>for the purpose of phasing out motorized use. Motorized use along any
>additional segments of the Trail inherently interferes with the Trail's
>basic nature and purpose and is inconsistent with a quality hiking,
>horseback and other non-motorized outdoor recreation experiences.
>2) Other than the original 424 miles, the Forest Service, Park Service
>and BLM should not designate segments of the Trail on public lands that
>will be open to motorized use.  If the agencies propose designating a
>segment of the Trail on public lands which is open to motorized use at
>the time of designation, they should either: i) close the particular
>segment to motorized use once it officially becomes part of the
>Continental Divide Trail; or ii) designate, or if necessary, construct
>an alternative segment of the Trail which avoids the motorized area or
>trail. If Trail segments on public lands have already been designated as
>open to motorized use, the agencies should either construct an
>alternative non-motorized route or phase out the motorized use by the
>year 2000.
>3) Where segments of the Trail will pass through non-public lands (i.e.
>private lands), the agencies should seek, wherever possible, a
>non-motorized route or right-of-way.
>In adopting the above position  vis a  vis motorized use of the CDNST,
>the Board of the Continental Divide Trail Alliance wishes to emphasize
>that it does not object to the appropriate use of motorized vehicles on
>certain public lands. However, it believes that the intent in
>establishing the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail was to provide
>a primitive recreational trail for hikers, horseback riders and other
>non-motorized users. Motorized use of the Trail is, therefore,
>inconsistent with the Trail's basic nature and purpose. Where potential
>conflicts arise between designation of a non-motorized CDNST and
>existing motorized use, CDTA will work closely with federal agencies and
>motorized users to find appropriate, but separate routes to accommodate
>all concerned.
>Just curious Glen what have you done to
>Bruce Ward
>Executive Director
>Continental Divide Trail Alliance
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>Pine, CO 80470
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>I saw 4 four-wheelers in the Wiminuche tearing up pipes that had just
>put in to keep the trail dry.    They were lost, without a map, without
>means to camp, and it was about an hour from dark.    I showed them
>they were on my map and went on my way, amazed at how they could be out
>there without a map and tearing things up.   I reported them to the next
>station i saw only to be told that they had just as much right to be up
>there as i did.
>So, i think making a continuous trail and trying to say it can only be
>for hiking is a dream that will not happen.    It's best left the way it
>and enjoy the freedom of no trail.
>There are a lot more bicyclists, four wheelers and motorcycle users than
>there are hikers.    Don't push too hard to make this trail more famous.
>Enjoy it for what it is.
>I don't know a whole lot about Bruce Ward but have heard rumors that he
>more of a bicycler than hiker.    I doubt he's on the same side as you.
>Maybe he could tell us himself?   Bruce, do you spend more time on the
>hiking or biking?      fh
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> >
> >Hear, Hear!  (to John's suggestion that the continuous thread be for
> >on foot only and be clearly understood/marked if it is not!)
> >
> >If I ever see another motocyclist tearing up what is clearly marked as
> >footpath-only trail only while I am there on the spot, I will curse out
> >loud, throw rocks, hit them with my poles, spit, scratch, anything I
> >think of.  This angers me to no end.
> >
> >Tell me, Bruce Ward, what has the Association ever done to curtail
> >usage of the trail?  Slap the USFS on the back of their hands?
> >
> >Karl Luce
> >(once again a member of the CDTA, don't ask me why...)
> >
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> >From: "John Brennan" <john at frozenpoodle.com>
> >
> > > I really like the subversive idea of a matrix of routes. I think of
> >CDT
> > > route as a bundle of loose threads (that sometimes converge) on a
>map of
> >the
> > > trail corridor. In contrast, PCT and AT are a strong rope connecting
> >Mexico
> > > & Canada.
> > >
> > > Let the mapping of the CDT reflect a confounding, ever-changing
> > > routes base on an individual's situation on a given hike. I've found
> >that my
> > > route to-date has been changed by conditions beyond my control:
> >snow
> > > and lightning.
> > >
> > > This bundle of threads reflects the reality of actually hiking the
> >A
> > > strong rope reflects the need for clarity and certainty that
> >organizations
> > > and governments need.
> > >
> > > Let ONE continuous thread be for those on foot only: no bicycles, no
> >motor
> > > bikes, no ATVs. And let it be clear where each mode of travel is
> >so
> > > that I can choose, if necessary, to venture on to the trail of
> >aggressive
> > > mountain bikers.
> > >
> > > -John/Cupcake
> > >
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> > >
> > > Backpacker Magazine is joining with CDTA to produce a definitive map
> >the
> > > CDT.
> > >
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