[cdt-l] Thruhike next year

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Sun Dec 17 18:54:18 CST 2006

I used a HP PDA with built in Wifi and was able to send and receive e-mail 
in some surprisingly remote places on the PCT in 05.  It seemed that just 
about every RV park, library, motel, and sometimes private residents had 
Wifi internet to share.  I was also able to record voice journals and play 
MP3 music.

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>Subject: [cdt-l] Thruhike next year
>Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 17:19:49 -0700
>Hello all,
>I've been on this list for a couple weeks now, and I think I should
>introduce myself.  My name is Andy Linger. I hiked the AT in '97 
>Skygod) and did the CT over two summers (I was on the trail less than a 
>after getting laid off from my safety manager job).  For the last ten 
>I've been dreaming about another six month thru-hike.
>I've been an Adopt a Trail volunteer for the CDTA between Winfield and the
>Divide for several years now (sorry Bruce and Paula, I'll probably need to
>skip next year!), and have worked on several trail maintenance projects in
>Colorado.  I'm using the CDT-ROM for maps (thanks Jonathan!), and currently
>planning my route north, hopelessly lost right now somewhere in the
>Weminuche on the CO#39 map. ;)
>The local newspaper--the Vail Daily--is interested in my hike, and I'm
>currently looking for a method to type up my journals instead of writing
>them.  Other than a cell phone, is there a USB device I can plug into a
>computer at the local libraries along the way and update my website?  Paul,
>that Pocketmail service you used sounds exciting.  Tell me more!

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