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On both the PCT (2002) and the CDT (ongoing since 2004-hope to finish NM,
and thereby the CDT, this April/May) I used a Palm device with a portable

PCT Info: http://www.cupcakewalk.com/pct2002/journal/system.html  

CDT Info: http://cupcakewalk.com/cdt/journal.html 


I find the full-sized keyboards very easy to use for both journeys. At
around 6-8 ounces, the keyboards are a little heavy. My current system
requires Bluetooth, which I don't like (because of the constant hassle and
added weight of the batteries), but that's what they are selling. I liked
having the secondary "Chicklettes" keyboard on the Treo in 2006.  I could
quickly and easily take notes or make short journal entries while walking.
It was close to ideal. Then, when settled, I'd unfold the big keyboard and
type lots. (The Treo 700p also offers voice memos, MP3 playback, a backup
camera, a tiny camcorder, and other great stuff.  All for about 6 ounces.)


If funds allow (and I like it, and it works), I'll be carrying the G-Tech
fabric keyboard shown here:
http://www.walkingwired.com/reviews/keyboard.html. It's much lighter, but
still Bluetooth.


My full journal system in 2006 grew cumbersome through finding solutions on
the fly. In between the simplicity of typing in the field on my Palm device
and having an automatic 'post-to' email address (an add in to WordPress)
were a far too many steps of moving the data. I have yet to figure out how
to best simplify. 


In 2004 I used a BackFlip for Palm, which is a Palm-compatible hardware
solution for the PocketMail service. Being able to use a Palm with the
PocktMail service has many advantages. The disadvantage, IMHO, of the
PocketMail Composer (that a lot of hikers use), the other device for sending
via the PocketMail service, is the lack of a full-sized keyboard. More info
on PocketMail <http://www.pocketmail.com/> .


Fyi, I keep (poorly maintained) nomad technology info here:

As for < currently planning my route north, hopelessly lost right now
somewhere in the Weminuche on the CO#39 map >, I'm glad your experience
planning the hike is reflecting the experience you may have on the ground,
especially at times in that area..



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The local newspaper--the Vail Daily--is interested in my hike, and I'm
currently looking for a method to type up my journals instead of writing
them.  Other than a cell phone, is there a USB device I can plug into a
computer at the local libraries along the way and update my website?  Paul,
that Pocketmail service you used sounds exciting.  Tell me more!

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