[cdt-l] New Thru-hiker questions

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 20 13:03:05 CST 2006

> - CDTA guidebook pages

Eh, maybe not. :)

In my limited (NM) experience, Jonathan's maps work well 
with the CDTS guide, which is much more field-worthy than 
the CDTA guide, due to the clarity and concision of the 

One approach might be to thumb through the two guides, 
determine which route (where they differ) appeals more to 
you, and then carry the corresponding topo maps. Where the 
CDTS route seems preferable, compare the route description 
to Jonathan's maps to see whether it's illustrated. Where 
the CDTA route seems preferable, due likewise. Default to 
the CDTA maps (which are tiny) only where Jonathan's don't 
offer coverage.

And consider using broad-coverage maps (like the BLM 
1:100,000 or USFS planimetric) only for overview (or detour) 
purposes. Navigate primarily by USGS topo base maps, (Ley's 
and/or CDTA guide maps) for their vastly superior detail.

- blisterfree

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