[cdt-l] Printing Jonathan Ley's Maps

John Brennan john at frozenpoodle.com
Wed Dec 27 09:07:10 CST 2006

The color price is in line with what I found in 2004 when I was having 25(?)
sets printed up for those that got back to me (about $125/ 8.5x11 set). 

Getting samples and having production proofs is critical. It's not a typical
print job. I didn't need one giant file for AlphaGraphics. They took
Jonathan's CD. 

The quality of the output varied from unusable to what I ended up using, yet
the price was the same with the printers.  The difference in readability was
amazing.  I used a detailed Colorado page for the printer to provide a
sample: lots of close topo lines, lots of small lake names, etc. 


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I'm working with a local print shop to find a way to cost effective  
way to print out Jonathan's maps instead of spending hours of my time  
in front of my inkjet printer and probably $80-$100 on ink cartridges.

I'm wondering if there are any future CDT hikers who would also be  
interested in purchasing a set of maps printed this way?  I would  
simply pass thru the costs + shipping.  If there seems to be interest  
in this, I'll post again with some firm numbers and details and then  
place a single order with the print shop.

If I can figure out how to combine all the individual maps into a  
single print file (which shouldn't be too difficult), I have some  
preliminary quotes of:

Black&White 8.5x11	$12.50
Black&White 11x17	$25.00

Color 8.5x11		$122.50
Color 11x17		$147.50

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