[cdt-l] An alcohol stove for two - clarification

Alistair and Gail Des Moulins aandg at telusplanet.net
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Just for clarification:

Alistair is male and Gail is female!
The name Gail has various spellings (Gail, Gale and Gayle)  and I think Gale 
is a male name too.
The name Alistair may also be spelled as Alastair, Alasdair and Alasdhair. 
Also improperly as Alister and Alistar. But as far as I'm aware, all are 

We also plan on hiking close to each other and camping together all the 
time. I'm usually faster but each of us has our good and bad days. The worst 
day on the trail is better than the best day at work!


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> Jim,
> My original post (with the weight comparisons) was in
> response to Alistair's information about how long
> their longest stretch was (she reported 12 days
> through the Winds) and how much HEET they used for
> their two-person alcohol stove.  I just used her
> figures for the sake of comparison and discussion.

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