[cdt-l] An alcohol stove for two

Kenneth E. Baldrey keneb at adaes.com
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Canisters are very fast and also clean plua a titanium canister stove
only weighs 2 ounces or so (less fuel).  The only problems on the CDT
with isobutane is at altitude in cold weather - then they get slow and
you need to sleep with the cartridges to keep them warm.  One problem I
have though is a whole closet of half-used or almost empty canisters
that I don't know how to dispose of.  Can they be recycled or refilled?


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 >>>  Nobody talked about canisters. We find that canisters are faster
to boil water than any of the other stoves, they can simmer, and the
overall weight for a 4-5 day carry is about the same for 2 people. We
carry the small (110 gram net wt)  canisters. We boil 2 cups of water in
the morning and 4 cups at night. Rarely do we simmer. We get 4+ days of
fuel out of each canister. That usually means carrying 1 full and 1
partial canister. But if we have a real low canister in town we may just
burn it off. 
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