[cdt-l] Fw: Road Closure in Butte Section 4

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Dear CDT Hikers,
Hi,  RedDoug asked me to post a note as to his progress.  He left home a
week ago to hike a CDT section in Montana.  He has had to leave the trail
for now, due to the fierceness of the bugs.  Doug hiked from Summit Lk. to
Aldous Lk.
 Mosquitoes and black flies are in clouds.  Locals told him they have never
seen the bugs so severe.   Doug then hitch-hiked to Gilmore, then to Mack's
His advice to others headed for this area:  Be prepared for intense clouds
of bugs.  Take plenty of bug repellant and netting.  Good Luck!
Mrs. RD

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 Jeff Braun has called to my attention the gating of the road from the
 Highland Mountains west to I-15.
 Both the Forest Service and the county are insisting that the gating is
 unlawful, as this is an established public right-of-way. So, from this
 perspective, it is perfectly legal for hikers to continue to use the road.
 This is Section 4 of the Butte Segment (south of Butte), miles 8.0 to 12.6.
 The controversy is reported in the Butte Standard.
 For details, see


Jim Wolf

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