[cdt-l] Colorado Trail -- late start questions

Dust dustpct at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 8 00:06:20 CDT 2006

Wise ones:

I'm planning an early fall CT hike this year that would have
me on the trail when the aspens are turning. I've been to 
Colorado before and generally, the aspens don't hit peak 
until the third week of September.  So I want to start as 
late as I can without putting myself at serious risk of 
getting trapped if there's an early snowfall up high.

Couple questions:

1.  How late do you think I reasonably can start, to catch 
the turning aspens on the CT?  I've hiked (postholed) in 
snow before and don't mind it for a short while.  If an 
early September snowstorm hits, can you get down to lower 
elevations safely if you don't mind trudging through 
some cool sno?

2.  I've been following the SNOTEL site and it looks like a 
pretty severe drought has taken hold of Colorado this year.
How hard do you think it will be to find water?  I have the 
Data Book and am wondering if the "cup FULL" sources will be
reliable this year.

3.  I'm looking to bring some "Rocky Mountain High" with me 
and am wondering what type John Denver smoked and where he
got high.

Thanks folks.  Your wise comments are welcome. 

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