[cdt-l] Southern Montana by Wolf for Sale

Doug Carlson doug-sue at usol.com
Sun Jul 9 17:35:05 CDT 2006

I have the 2 parts of Southern Montana by Jim Wolf for sale.  You can have them for $32 (includes shipping).  They are almost like new- some yellow highlighting.  This was my last chance at this seciton of the CDT- I won't be able to get back for years, if ever.  So I am offering the guides for sale.  

I used these guides along with Ley's maps  and my Delorme map CD and plotted the route from Bistcuit Basin up to Butte.  Only made it to Aldous Lake TH and hitched out with very bad feet. I think the cause was a combinatin of new socks and old boots that just failed me.  However, the section for  Mack's Inn worked very well on the GPS.  I loaded the route into my GPS and the route up to Sawtell TH along Tyler Creek from Mack's Inn was a breeeze to follow.  How anyone  could figure all that out from just a map and compass is beyond me.  I am now a big believer in using the GPS.  Sure makes route finding a lot easier.  

Contact me if you are interested in the southern Montana Guides.  

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