[cdt-l] Add Photos/Text to Your Journal Via Email

stillroaming PCT at DelNorteResort.Com
Fri Jul 21 16:34:30 CDT 2006

Apologies for the cross post:

As promised, the ability to update your journal with photos VIA EMAIL is now available from Postholer.Com

Already given the ability to update journal text entrys via email this will add to your journaling options.

Obviously, you'll only be able to send text from your pocketmail. But for you techno-geeks carrying Palm Treo's or Camera Phones, you'll be able to send photos/text via standard SMTP (normal email).

It's an easy process of typing your journal entry, attaching a photo and sending it to the journal email address; just the way you would with any email. For details, see the 'Journal Help Page' at Postholer.Com : 

Your journal email updates happen *immediately*. If you're sending email from a large service such as Yahoo!, the updates will take a bit longer. Services such as Yahoo! queue their email and deliver it as their resources allow. So it may take hours to update, especially with photos attached. 

If you're sending from a paid subscriber service, such as Earthlink, it will happen NOW.

Have Fun!
Scott "Stillroaming" Parks

Trails: postholer.com
Gear: peakgeek.com
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