[cdt-l] conditions in the Black Range

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 13:02:32 CST 2006

> We then ascended back into the trees and the Black Range. 
> The views east were
> often magnificent. Much of the trail is built to PCT 
> standards and is a joy to
> hike. However there are some sections through burned areas 
> which are hard to
> follow and involve climbing over many fallen trees.

A few questions:

How was the water situation along the Black Range Crest? In 
particular, Dry Time Tank, Chloride Creek, and Diamond Peak 
Spring? (Appx. date of observation?)

As of last fall, most of the blowdown from the northern end 
of the burn near Chloride Creek to Diamond Peak was 
concentrated near Fisherman's Bluff. I wonder if this 
summer's strong monsoon managed to uproot many more standing 
deadfall elsewhere in this section?

Also as of last fall, trail maintenance in the burn area 
stopped a few miles north of Reeds Meadow heading 
southbound, where blowdown became very heavy and the trail 
corridor vague. Any changes here?

Thanks for any details...

- blisterfree


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