[cdt-l] CDT Finish-6 Southbounders

Lawton Grinter lawtong at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 10 10:22:41 CST 2006

Dear CDT-liens, just wanted to let everyone know that P.O.D. and I along 
with Skittles, No Trace, Speedo and Pi all finished together at the CDTA 
terminus on the Mexican Border November 6th around 6 PM!  It was an amazing 
day . . . we had miscalculated our mileage so we ended up doing a 28-miler 
to finish, ran out of water (couldn´t find the Sheridan Canyon windmill), 
and got to the border in the dark.  We may or may not have opened the cattle 
gate at the border and celebrated in Mexico! ,-)  And in a stroke of amazing 
luck . . . we ended up getting a ride in ¨the cage¨of a Border Patrol 
Agent´s SUV all the way back to Hachita.  All the crazy details are in our 


. . . or Skittles or Pi´s trailjournal.

The CDT was challenging, frustrating, unpredictable and absolutely 
beautiful.  I´m still trying to process it all.

Be on the lookout for the 1st ever Southbound CDT Documentary to be 
available on DVD this Spring!  I´ll have more information on it later, 
including a ¨Theatrical Trailer¨coming soon!

Best, Disco

lawton grinter
PO Box 941
Crested Butte, CO  81224
lawtong at hotmail.com

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