[cdt-l] Which GPS?

chris G chgeth at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 13 12:02:53 CST 2006

After reading Yogi's book I have decided to buy a new
GPS for the CDT. I want a GPS that can load the US
Topo Maps - therefore I can't use the Garmin Geko 201
that I already own.

After visiting several outdoor shops and studying
Garmin's website I have already narrowed the decision
down to 

- Garmin etrex Vista CX
- Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSX

The etrex is lighter, has a longer battery life and is
a lot cheaper than the GPSMAP 60. The only advantage I
can see in the GPSMAP 60 CSX is the much better
SirfSTAR III receiver, that has much better reception
under tree cover, in valleys, etc. 

But do I really need that? Are there reception
problems on the CDT? Maybe I am too scared, but I am
not really good at navigation....

Thank you for your opinion!

German Tourist

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