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Here's something I cut and paste from Cupcake's reply to Jim and Ginny's 
inquiry.  I completely agree with Cupcake.  Except with his dates...

While you may want a continuous hike, and a continuous hike is logistically 
easier, and more admirable in the long run (that's debatable, but I 
personally would just feel more noble having hiked from Mexico to Canada 
directly rather than skipping around - BUT!!! Next time, damn straight I'll 
skip around).

Anyway, I concur with what I'm pasting below, skipping around to hike 
different sections at different times both works weather wise and mentally 
(it's VERY tough mentally to walk thru NM after CO, physically easy, but 
mentally very tough).  And now, Cupcake's comments:

6.  Would you/will you do the CDT again?  What would/will you do
I would love the opportunity to hike the CDT again. The experience of living
in the corridor of landscape that is the CDT was amazing. Occasionally
crossing paths (or even hiking with!) other hikers was all the more
thrilling and enjoyable because of the stretches spend alone.
If I did it again, I'd consider mustering up ride support to hike each
section during the most desirable time of year, something like this:
  Great Basin, WY: May
  Glacier/the Bob, MT: August
  Colorado: July
  New Mexico: April (or September of a wet year)

PERSONALLY I'd prefer to hike MT/ID/WY in July -> August and Colorado in 
September and hope, hope, hope that your September was nothing like this 



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>A wee note to introduce myself to the list. As this years hikers are
>finishing, I'm starting planning for a northbound hike next year. I'm 
>excited about it all and will probably have questions at a later date.  I
>realise that picking a departure date this far out doesn't mean much but 
>looking at late April or early May. What are your thoughts
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