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Oh, the GPS question.  I remember posting a my question about whether to use a GPS or not.  Now I get to weigh in on the issue speaking from experience.

I chose to take a GPS on the CDT until I lost it along Hell Roaring Creek.  However I rarely used it.  I wanted to use my map and compass skills along with my surroundings to get me through.  I felt more comfortable with those.  I didn't want to be checking the GPS all the time.  With Ley's maps and the CDTS guides, I felt like I had all I needed.  I also felt that I was more in control of things this way rather than following an electronic carrot so to speak.

On the rare instance when I did use the GPS, it told me what I already knew...I was not where I wanted to be.  At those times, I did use Ley's system to figure out where I was exactly.  Once I knew that, I was able to assess the best way to get back to the trail or where I wanted to go.

Most of the GPS units out there will fill the purpose of how I used it.  If you want maps loaded, that is a personal choice.  One advantage to having maps downloaded onto the unit is that the names of some springs, peaks and passes are loaded also.  You can search by name for them and then navigate to them without knowing their lat/long location.

If you do go with the GPS 60csx, you won't be disappointed.  It acquired a strong, steady signal even inside buildings.  However, as Disco said, tree cover is not usually an issue.

Best of luck ===> sidewinder

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After reading Yogi's book I have decided to buy a new
GPS for the CDT. I want a GPS that can load the US
Topo Maps - therefore I can't use the Garmin Geko 201
that I already own.

After visiting several outdoor shops and studying
Garmin's website I have already narrowed the decision
down to 

- Garmin etrex Vista CX
- Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSX

The etrex is lighter, has a longer battery life and is
a lot cheaper than the GPSMAP 60. The only advantage I
can see in the GPSMAP 60 CSX is the much better
SirfSTAR III receiver, that has much better reception
under tree cover, in valleys, etc. 

But do I really need that? Are there reception
problems on the CDT? Maybe I am too scared, but I am
not really good at navigation....

Thank you for your opinion!

German Tourist

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