[cdt-l] Which GPS?

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Thu Nov 16 10:32:59 CST 2006

I think it's unlikely you'll "need" to use it on your first section -
particularly if you're good with a map/compass. If you're headed south,
the trails in GNP are well marked, and if you're headed north, you can see
for like 50 miles in NM. Though, a GPS might help you identify which
un-named dirt road you're intersecting.

Generally, I think you'll only "need" a GPS in some unpredictable locale.
Of course, plenty of people have hiked the CDT successfully without a GPS,
so "need" is a bit of a strong word. They can be kind of fun if you're
into that kind of thing...


> I haven't done the CDT yet, however I have done alot
> with map and compass.  What I had planned to do, was
> take my GPS along try like hell to NOT use it and if I
> hadn't used when I got to my first resupply I would
> mail it home  - Joe
> --- FJ <ephja at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Oh, the GPS question.  I remember posting a my
>> question about whether to use a GPS or not.  Now I
>> get to weigh in on the issue speaking from
>> experience.
>> I chose to take a GPS on the CDT until I lost it
>> along Hell Roaring Creek.  However I rarely used it.
>>  I wanted to use my map and compass skills along
>> with my surroundings to get me through.  I felt more
>> comfortable with those.  I didn't want to be
>> checking the GPS all the time.  With Ley's maps and
>> the CDTS guides, I felt like I had all I needed.  I
>> also felt that I was more in control of things this
>> way rather than following an electronic carrot so to
>> speak.
>> On the rare instance when I did use the GPS, it told
>> me what I already knew...I was not where I wanted to
>> be.  At those times, I did use Ley's system to
>> figure out where I was exactly.  Once I knew that, I
>> was able to assess the best way to get back to the
>> trail or where I wanted to go.
>> Most of the GPS units out there will fill the
>> purpose of how I used it.  If you want maps loaded,
>> that is a personal choice.  One advantage to having
>> maps downloaded onto the unit is that the names of
>> some springs, peaks and passes are loaded also.  You
>> can search by name for them and then navigate to
>> them without knowing their lat/long location.
>> If you do go with the GPS 60csx, you won't be
>> disappointed.  It acquired a strong, steady signal
>> even inside buildings.  However, as Disco said, tree
>> cover is not usually an issue.
>> Best of luck ===> sidewinder
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>> Subject: [cdt-l] Which GPS?
>> After reading Yogi's book I have decided to buy a
>> new
>> GPS for the CDT. I want a GPS that can load the US
>> Topo Maps - therefore I can't use the Garmin Geko
>> 201
>> that I already own.
>> After visiting several outdoor shops and studying
>> Garmin's website I have already narrowed the
>> decision
>> down to
>> - Garmin etrex Vista CX
>> - Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSX
>> The etrex is lighter, has a longer battery life and
>> is
>> a lot cheaper than the GPSMAP 60. The only advantage
>> I
>> can see in the GPSMAP 60 CSX is the much better
>> SirfSTAR III receiver, that has much better
>> reception
>> under tree cover, in valleys, etc.
>> But do I really need that? Are there reception
>> problems on the CDT? Maybe I am too scared, but I am
>> not really good at navigation....
>> Thank you for your opinion!
>> German Tourist
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