[cdt-l] This adventure ends...

Lisa Ventimiglia uwannab at myrealbox.com
Thu Nov 16 15:43:41 CST 2006

Hey there all you CDT junkies….  

Just thought I’d let everyone know that I finally finished my adventure after procrastinating these past few weeks.  I ran out of trail Nov. 15th - 5am – at the Antelope Wells border crossing.  I walked away – or limped – after my biggest day ever – a (flat) 60 mile day while dodging border patrol vehicles all night long.  Not the safest move, but an adventure all the same. Rec'd a ride from some generous patrol guys back to Deming – they even shouted me diner and a hotel room. 

Congrats to all those that finished and those whom had the opportunity to hike this year at all!  I’m delighted I got to hike with so many wonderful peops!  Thanks to those who helped me out along the way – your generosity is much appreciated!

Now off to Wisconsin, eventually :), for some turkey….

Happy Trails,
Love Barge Lisa

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