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Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 16 21:37:53 CST 2006

>> Worst was new trail that was turned over to
motorbikes when it shouldn't have been - i.e. the new Nez 
Perce section
north of Butte that was built only a few years ago for the 
CDT, but is open
to ATVs and motorbikes. <<

Was this section originally constructed to multi-use 

I'm aware of tactics often used by the OHV lobby to widen 
trails and tracks into full-blown roads, then argue for 
their legal right to ride based on "conditions on the 
ground." But in the case of constructed CDT I can't see how 
the FS would play along, to the point of signing it as open 
to quads. What's the point of building new trail in that 
case? Just stick a CDT sign in any pre-existing road rut and 
call the trail finished.

> Not much solitude. We saw a lot more people than we 
> expected. Few
> backpackers, but lots of other people.

Would be interesting to hear more about the demographics. 
Outside of hunting season, who is out there and what is 
their motivation? Are they attracted to the trail per se, or 
does the CDT simply lead through a land less wild than 
before? If human encounters are occuring primarily on roaded 
portions of the route, then the solution may be a matter of 
constructing more signed foot trail (or cairned routes) 
while addressing the issue of vehicle incursions more 

Bottom line, wherever there's true wilderness, there's 
solitude still to be found. Anyplace vehicles can't 
conveniently go, most of humanity won't follow. I take hope 
in this truth.

- bf

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