[cdt-l] cdt-l Digest, Vol 37, Issue 16

Sam Haraldson samh at samh.net
Sat Nov 18 12:20:09 CST 2006

> ...we anticipate that a new nonmotorized trail will be constructed,
> south and west of the existing one.

It's unfortunate that considering the section was trail was built
primarily as the CDT corridor and therefore not for motorized use that
it should now become the defacto motorized route and a new walking
route needs to be developed.

Although as is the case nearly everywhere one finds similar
situations, if you close off a route to motorized traffic that was
open to it in the past there tends to be bravado that arises in that
the motorized traffic will continue to frequent the trail as way of
"sticking it to the man".

I work closely with the Superior Hiking Trail Association here in
Northern Minnesota and with the future inclusion of the SHT into the
greater North Country Nat'l Scenic Trail there is great deliberation
between motorized as well as bicycle traffic.  Much of the new trail
we have built to connect the NCT with the SHT is through areas that
see heavy bicycle and ATV traffic and it is a constant struggle to
remain diplomatic with these interest groups and keep the trails we've
built with our own hands open only to those who wish to travel on
their feet.

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