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Mon Nov 20 19:03:56 CST 2006


I'm glad to hear you're hiking the CDT next year.  I think you'll love it.

If you are able to do a straight northbound hike, you'll probably be in 
Colorado in July.  We were in Leadville just before the 4th of July this 
year.  Except for the San Juans in the far south of the state, most of the 
CDT is not that far from highways and large towns.  Because of the skiing, 
there are a lot of small airports.  Or you should be able to get a ride to 
Denver fairly easily from any place north of Salida.

If you are worried about finishing before winter begins, you could return to 
the trail in Glacier after your break and do the rest of the hike 
southbound, finishing in Colorado in the fall.  You are a strong hiker, so 
taking a week off will make little difference in your ability to finish 
either way. We took a lot of time off in towns this year and even at our 
slower than usual pace, we still finished.  Of course, we were lucky in 
October's weather.  But if you are prepared, snow shouldn't stop you.

If there is a lot of snow in Colorado in June, which seems possible given 
the way things have been going this fall, when you reach Chama you could 
flip to Montana and either hike south from Glacier or north from Butte 
(depending on snow levels.) There is an airport in Kalispell/Whitefish that 
is easily accessible. You can either rent a car to go to E. Glacier or take 
Amtrak. Butte and Helena both have airports or you can rent a car for a one 
way rental.

One thing, don't start too late in May. It gets hot in southern NM and water 
can be very scarce.  When forests are closed because of fire danger, it is 
usually in mid-May.  Starting at the end of April seems to work well most of 
the time.


>From: Gary Wright <at2002 at mac.com>
>I'm considering a CDT hike next year and while I'd prefer a
>contiguous hike, I think I'll have to hop around.  I have a prior
>commitment the first week of July where I would need access to an
>airport.  With that in mind can anyone suggest some sections that
>would be accessible during the month of June?  I figure I could do NM
>in May, followup with this unknown section in June, take a 8-10 day
>break in July and then finish the remain sections in Jul/Aug/Sep
>I'd like to get as much of the trail done prior to by July break as
>is feasible. So what I need is a four week section hikable in June
>with good transportation at both ends.  Suggestions?
>Gary Wright (Radar)
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