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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the (partly) good news.  It is good news in that at least that
dangerous section going down the main Pole Creek will no longer be part of
the CDT.

But the USFS relocations do nothing to address the rampant destruction of
trail with motor bikes between Cataract Lake and Carson Pass.  Will they
relocate that as well?  (It appears that they once tried to do that,
according to the map, and failed.)


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The Forest Service intends to relocate the route to an attractive setting
along the Continental Divide, avoiding the Pole Creek crossings. The new
trail will be nonmotorized.

The CDTS comments were, in part:


Segment 3 - Cataract Lake to West Fork Pole Creek

 The proposed location here is excellent. It lies close to the Continental
Divide, offers outstanding scenery, and is well separated from vehicle
traffic. We recommend development of this portion of the Trail as proposed.

Segment 2 - West Fork Pole Creek to Stony Pass

 West Fork Pole Creek to Maggie Gulch. The Trail should follow the
Continental Divide closely in this two-mile section. We agree that the best
alignment would require the acquisition of a right-of-way, notably in the SE
¼ of T41N R6W Section 16. We concur with the Forest Service plans to try to
obtain such a right-of-way. If these efforts do not succeed, however, the
route should go around the private property as indicated on the attached
map. With a switchback or two, the grades appear to be passable without
difficulty. (This route would circle around the east of Ida No. 2, swing
northwest in the gap between Ida No. 2 and Bee, then swing around to the
west and south between Bee and Iron Mask No. 2 before returning to the
Continental Divide.)


[Ida No. 2, Bee, Iron Mask No.2 are patented mining claims.]

We anticipate a formal decision on this proposal within the next few months.

Jim Wolf

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> I wish I had noted that motor bikes are allowed on one section between the
> Lost Trail Creek and Pole Creek watersheds.  There is a dangerous part as
> you descend Pole creek to the confluence with Middle Pole Creek, where the
> valley narrows and the trail crosses the creek twice.  Not much room to
> off and let them by.  I had heard the bikes coming a long way so I held
> before descending into the canyon but it was scary nonetheless.

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