[cdt-l] Lost Trail Creek to Pole Creek

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 21 10:56:01 CST 2006

>>But the USFS relocations do nothing to address the rampant 
>>destruction of
trail with motor bikes between Cataract Lake and Carson 

The Carson Pass area has been the site of heavy OHV use for 
years. I remember how badly degraded the singletrack trail 
was in this area back in '98 on my CT thru. Very painful to 
see, especially in such fragile meadowy terrain above 

There were signs disallowing motorbikes where the trail left 
Carson Pass southbound. But a sign is not the same as 
enforcement. Until the road(s) leading to the pass are gated 
(I assume they're not), and maybe a fenceline installed, the 
CDT is bound to cross a traffic-bearing road in this area.

Part of the problem is topographic. The San Juans are 
certainly rugged, but not in the same way as the Sierra 
Nevada, for instance. Roads can, have, and will be torn 
through the CDT high country. Only awareness, vigilance and 
restraint will curb the epidemic.

- blisterfree

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