[cdt-l] 2006 CDT Documentary "The Hike"

yogi yogihikes at sbcglobal.net
Tue Nov 21 14:10:24 CST 2006

Hey - I wanted to give a shout out for Adam
Pelletier's 2006 CDT Documentary "The Hike".  I was
glued to the TV from the moment I put in the first
DVD.  This film captures the physical and emotional
challenges which the CDT throws at you every day.  I
would highly recommend it for any potential CDT

It was interesting for me --- as a sobo CDT hiker ---
to watch this nobo documentary mirror my own feelings
from my hike.  My Montana thoughts and feelings were
similar to how these hikers felt in New Mexico, and
vice-versa.  Really interesting for me.

And there's the things that you can't capture with
still pictures:  the sound of walking on a dirt/gravel
road, the sound of the wind, the sound of elk bugling,
the voice inflection of a tired hiker talking to the
camera, the "oh my god it's raining AGAIN" look on a
hiker's face, the joy of simple things like finding
water and running into other hikers, etc.

Very well done.

(and cdt handbook, too!)

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