[cdt-l] NM in December? Forecast: Mild

CJBarry420 at aol.com CJBarry420 at aol.com
Wed Nov 22 12:26:29 CST 2006

Hi from Albuquerque!
First, I have never hiked any sections in NM in December, so please refer  to 
more experienced hikers before me. But I do live in the middle of the state  
and I can tell you this: Southern NM is a pretty windy-cold and dry place in 
the  winter. The Gila will probably have snow. The Chama area will definitely 
have  snow, lots of it, next month. BUT, I could guarantee alot of sunshine 
during 80%  of your Dec trip, and teh most beautiful time of year to be in the 
backcountry  in this state! Nothing like clear winter days in my humble opinion. 
I am  planning several extended trecks around the state this Winter, and the 
weather  rarely ever detered me from any part of NM in December. In fact, I 
welcome it. 
As you probably can already guess, I think water will be harder to  find in 
sections, and snow in Northern NM. Otherwise, I say, do it now and  spend the 
holidays in the land of enchantment!  Good  luck.
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