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Way to go Pi!

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>I finished my last section of the CDT in Pie Town of all places on Nov 
>16th.  Nita and Kathy are super trail magicians and really took care of me 
>upon my arrival there.  I'm really glad I got to hike with SKittles, PoD, 
>Disco, Matti and Trace down to the border, but since I had done so much of 
>the hike on my own, it was pretty fitting to finish on my own, especially 
>in such a cool trail town where they love me because of my name.
>>1. What did you expect before you hiked the CDT?  Did the trail live up to
>>your expectations?
>>I honestly thought the trail was going to swallow me whole... really rough 
>>me up.  The navigation/ route finding and snow was something I'd never 
>>really dealt with.  I knew the weather could rough me up too.  I found 
>>that navigation isn't so bad... getting lost is kinda fun if I just stay 
>>calm and take in everything around me.  Its pretty neat to think about 
>>walking x-country and realize very few humans have ever set foot on the 
>>same ground you are now standing.  All in all, the actual trail wasn't as 
>>difficult as I thought it would be.
>>2. Was it harder or easier than you expected?  Why?
>>The biggest challenge was overcoming illness on the trail.  I took 10 days 
>>off at Chama and actually went home I felt so bad.  I was sick for a good 
>>time before that as well and not enjoying the hike. In addition to that, 
>>the huge snowstorm in the San Juans in mid-Sept made for some epic hiking 
>>conditions.  Those both came out of nowhere and added a lot of spice to 
>>the trail.
>>6.  Would you/will you do the CDT again?  What would/will you do
>>I'd do sections.  Right now I don't even want to think about hiking the 
>>whole thing again.
>>7.  Favorite and/or least favorite Trail towns?
>>My town experience is based on encounters with just a few people... hotel 
>>clerk, postmaster, person I'm hitching with... and I found pretty cool 
>>people in every town.  I would avoid Lake City if I went back through 
>>there... the "locals" are all Texans and they don't seem to like long 
>>haired hikers with no cars. My favorite was Pie Town just because I was 
>>there twice and now I know 90% of the town.  I also felt like a local in 
>>Creede because I was there so long.
>>8.  Good/bad wildlife encounters?
>>CDT offered the biggest variety of wildlife of any trail.  I had no 
>>negative experiences with any animal I saw.  In Yellowstone NP however, I 
>>hung my foodbag from the foodpole in a designated campsite and some rodent 
>>got into it in the night.  A ranger I saw the next day said this is the 
>>first rodent food heist she'd ever heard of there.
>>10.  Any rants or raves?
>>I just want to thank the hikers I spent time with on the trail.  They made 
>>for a lot of great memories. I especially want to thank Matti for guiding 
>>all of us through the really sketchy, snowy, windy, rainy Piegan Pass in 
>>Glacier.  Then I also want to thank PoD and Disco for sticking with me 
>>while I was sick on the Creede cutoff when I was in a delerium.  Those 
>>were both very selfless efforts that helped me a ton.
>>11.  Were you lonely or did you enjoy the solitude? Did you have solitude?
>>I hiked almost the whole trail alone.  I'd say I hiked about 400 or so 
>>miles with other people and 2100 miles alone.  I'm a pretty spacy person 
>>and my mind makes good company for itself, so I never had any worries 
>>about the solitude.  I did however love every minute I hiked with my 
>>friends I met on the trail.  Hiking out of Silver City beside a man with a 
>>carved pumpkin over his head is good fun...
>>12.  Any words of wisdom for next year's hikers?  Final thoughts??
>>My sage advice is don't get sick on the trail... it makes for a much more 
>>difficult time.  Final thought: If you can laugh at yourself, you'll 
>>probably be okay out there.
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