[cdt-l] NM in December?

Brett blisterfree at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 13:15:17 CST 2006

NM in December would be iffy at best. Keep in mind that the 
average elevation of the CDT in NM is likely over 7000', 
with quite a few miles above 8k. In winter, this is the 
realm of cold, wind, and snow. Don't let the junipers fool 
you - they like it dry and warm, but are plenty cool with 
subfreezing conditions too.

Obviously Dec wouldn't be as prohibitive as elsewhere along 
the Divide. But I suspect it'd be challenging enough to 
warrant various detours, extra roadwalks, and less of what 
the experience is capable of being.

Why not try it in the spring?

- bf

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> I'm planning a sobo CDT hike in '07 but will not be able 
> to hike June15-Aug1 so am kicking around the idea of doing 
> MN in Dec 06.  Comments & suggestions?
> Heidrun Kessler (Xkanuck)
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