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Welcome Mark.

Some caching tips that we learned from experience when we cached water a 
year before we used it:

We buried water in gallons with either screw on tops or zip-off lids and 
bottles with smooth sides or the large 3" dimples on the side. All worked 
well with repeated freezing and thawing. Write you name and ETA on the TOP 
of the bottle and cover with about 1" of dirt. The water stayed fresh, the 
bottles did not deteriorate from sun and accidental discovery  will show 
your name.

A gps waypoint is not good enough to find the water. It gets you close but 
the rocks and sparse shrubs all look the same later. Use a "locator" 
(notable rock, tree, power pole) that is
visible from a distance. Move away, bury water and mark with a cairn, beer 
bottle half buried or animal bones.

We could get by with a gallon per person a day for cooking and drinking and 
tried to carry water to get us to our second (not next) water source.

Enjoy your water caching trip!


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Hi all, it's been about 8 years since I last listened in or posted to this 
mail list. My friend Jim and I (PCT '98) are planning a northbound CDT hike 
starting this spring, sometime in mid-April. By the way, Congratulations to 
all the recent southbound finishers!

Water: I'm heading down to northern NM this week to visit family and thought 
I'd stash some water for myself (and anyone that finds themselves with me) 
for next spring. The area of interest is the trail roughly between El 
Malpais and Cuba. I plan to stash water south of El Malpais and somewhere 
near the narrows, then another one in Bonita Canyon at the northern end of 
the Zuni-Acoma trail.

Question: Any other critical dry stretches between Grants and Cuba? I know 
that everybody deals with the water situation they face, but I just love my 
clean Colorado mountain well water.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Mark Dixon

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