[cdt-l] Plantar Fascia stretch

Mike DiLorenzo dilorenz at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 29 16:21:10 CST 2006

While we're on the subject of stretching, can I just recommend that all long 
distance hikers take some yoga classes and learn to do some standard yoga 
stretches on their own and take 15 minutes after lunch to go through a short 
yoga routine?  I did this on the CDT and found that it really un-tweaked my 
body from the morning's hike and really loosened me up for the afternoon 
hike.  It became a pleasant daily routine before the afternoon's ~10 miles.

Just make sure you do this out of sight from any diesel rumbling monster 
trucks, because the drivers are going to look at you funny if you're doing 
down dogs and triangles in the middle of no where.

Of course, if you're a "driven" hiker who can't take more than 30 minutes 
for lunch, maybe yoga isn't for you, and maybe stretching isn't for you, and 
maybe shin splints are for you!  Maybe you could introduce a little yoga 
stretching routine into your hike to slow it down a bit?  OK, I'll stop 
before I anger any of the 30+ mpd crew out there.  Not everyone is into 2+ 
hour lunch breaks on their thru-hikes...


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>I've heard that if your calves/achilies are tight, that can pull or put
>stress on other parts of your ankle/foot and cause such problems - it's
>all connected. I got shin splints on the PCT, and one thing which helped
>cure that was regularly stretching my calves (in addition to an ace
>bandage, which worked wonders!). Seemed counter-intuitive, but it worked.
> > One theory as to my foot pain was that it was referred pain from plantar
> > faciitis. Now that my feel feel normal it seems like a good guess.
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> > Great article     ...but I'm not clear on how that stretch would help 
> > "tops" of your feet.  That particular stretch is designed to work the
> > muscles and fascia of the underfoot.
> >
> > 'Slogger
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