[cdt-l] Goofin' at Ghost Ranch

Lawton Grinter lawtong at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 20:25:34 CDT 2006

Hi CDT-Lers,

Disco here again with a quick update on the southbounders.  P.O.D, Skittles 
and myself all arrived to Ghost Ranch today here in northern New Mexico.  
We've had a good bit of rain and a few hours of snow over the past 4 days 
but made it here in one piece.

Pi left Chama on Sunday and should be here in 2 days if he took the trail or 
tomorrow if he took the road.

Jess, Tradja, Speedo, Lovebarge and No Trace all took the San Juan route so 
there's no telling where they are . . . probably close to Chama at the 

And by the way . . . we had 10 CDT sobos all together in Creede on September 
29th and we were all camping in Kendall's (a Creede local) front yard!  
That's 1  more than the 9 CDT sobos we had in Crested Butte on September 
23rd!  And people say nobody hikes this trail . . . come on . . . we're 
blowin' it up out here.  It's the SOUTHBOUND WAVE!  Seriously though, I've 
been shocked at the fact that there are still a bunch of us together this 
far down the line.  I think a good bit of us are planning to finish together 
sometime in early November.

Ghost Ranch is a really sweet place by the way.  Like Mags said . . . the 
terrain around the Ranch is quite reminiscent of Utah . . . cactus, 
sagebrush, pinyon pine, etc.  P.O.D. fell down into her 1st cactus today.  I 
think it's a right of passage for a CDT hiker.  And one other thing . . . if 
I don't have athlete's foot already . . . I most certainly will after 
showering at the bath house here in the campground.

Viva la New Mexico!

Best, Disco


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