[cdt-l] Snow Along the CDT

stillroaming pct at delnorteresort.com
Thu Oct 19 13:56:30 CDT 2006

Stating the obvious, the snow is beginning to fly.

For those keeping tabs on such things, I'd like to introduce you to 
postholer for the CDT:

There's lots of info for you:
+ Snotel data reported in a easy to consume format for the entire CDT
+ Tabular and graphical representations for each station as presented by 
+ 30 years historical snow data (where sensors are available)
+ Current NOAA weather forecasts
+ Journals, forums and tons more stuff...

This tool is intended to give you a general idea of snow conditions along 
the trail. For local snow depths and anomalies, consult your local forestry 
office or yardstick. :)

Scott Parks

Trails : http://Postholer.Com
Journals : http://Postholer.Com/journal 

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