[cdt-l] Hi! Ho! Silver City!

Seth Schumacher eragon921 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 21:52:38 CDT 2006

Hey All,

     I'm trying to get ahold of Matti, Skittles and Co. (DIsco and POD, PI,
LB,etc.) If anyone knows how to contact them quickly please forward this
message to them. I'm goin to be in Hachita Nov. 1st and for a while after. I
would love to meet up with everyone as they finish their trips and get them
where they need to go. If the hikers would get me their prospective finish
dates and places (if other than Antellope Wells) I'd appreciate it. I'll
also be happy to pick up goodies to bring to people for end of hike
celebrations. I can be reached at eragon921 at gmail.com or at (406) 222-1088.
I'm leaving on October 30th so please respond ASAP.


Seth Schumacher "Osprey"
2006-2007 Triple Crown Thru-Hike
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