[cdt-l] saturday night at/near riflesight notch and five 13ers on sunday

Mike DiLorenzo dilorenz at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 4 12:33:17 CDT 2006

hello cdt-l and cdt 2005 south bound hikers,

as many of you whom i met in steamboat on friday know, we are planning a 
little shin dig up on the divide next saturday night (9/9) at riflesight 
notch (south of rollins pass in the indian peaks, just before everyone's 
favorite day on the divide over james, bancroft, parry, eva and flora).

what's the occasion?

sidewinder's last day on the divide and final 12 miles of his triple crown!  
sidewinder hiked from mexico to berthoud and then flipped to canada to hike 
south leaving the traverse over five 13ers for his last day!  i can think of 
almost no other better last day on the divide and i'd like to extend an 
invitation to all of you who live near by or feel like driving out to CO to 
be there and join the festivities!

the plan would be for those of us with vehicles who plan to hike with 
sidewinder on sunday to meet at berthoud pass perhaps around 4pm on saturday 
9/9.  we'll then arrange the shuttles, move the beer and food the the 
appropriate vehicles, and then car pool over to riflesight notch.  we'll 
either car camp at riflesight notch if we need to get rowdy, drink beer, 
play car stereos real loud, shoot guns, and start fires, or we'll walk a 
mile or two up the dirt road to get closer to rodgers pass where we'll start 
the traverse over james, bancroft, parry, eva and flora on sunday.  for 
those of you who aren't up for the traverse and who still want to join in 
the festivities, plan on being at berthoud pass around 1pm on sunday (9/10) 
and bring beer and food and festive things!

my time estimates for the traverse are based on my hike thru this area last 
year when i started just before rodgers pass at 6:30am and was at berthoud 
for lunch by 1pm.  this was a thru hiker's pace and the domesticated among 
us will probably be a little slower than this.

for those of you interested, please email me directly.  for the cdt 2005 
hikers heading into boulder later this week (pod, disco, skittles, lb, 
matti, fu gang from iowa) mags and sidewinder have my number if you need to 

thanks!!!  this will be a really BIG party on the divide, i hope to have at 
least 10 folks (current thru hikers and non-thru hikers or past thru hikers) 
make the traverse and there'll be others waiting for us at berthoud!

hope to see you there!


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